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Flotek Industries announces chemical supply agreement with Pioneer Natural Resources


Low-Cost Bulk Bag Filler for Food and Dairy Powders
Our economical design incorporates features for USDA Acceptance. All stainless steel “easy clean” construction.  Low-profile design can be used with a pallet scale for gain-in-weight filling. Features include: easy strap height adjustment; dust-tight inflatable liner spout seal; bag liner inflation; integral dust venting; simple operator controls. We also offer: Variable speed powder feeders. Magnets and metal detection. Automatic sampling. Bag densification. Overhead trolley systems. Warehouse pallet handling.
Powder-Solutions Group  877-939-0510

Pacific Klamath Energy utilizes V-Cone flowmeter to solve problem in co-generation plant
Providing accurate and reliable steam flow measurement to the steam host is a very important aspect in generating revenue for a co-generation facility.

Multi-tasking Titrator
JM Science’s Potentiometric Titrator (COM-1700) can run four titrations and stirrers that easily allow end user to do different types of titration including potentiometric, photometric, polarization, and conductometric titrations in parallel.
Low Profile, High Capacity Classifer
A new Vibroscreen® Flo-Thru low profile screener from Kason Corp. classifies bulk material into three fractions at high rates. It employs two screening decks and two unbalanced-weight gyratory motors mounted on opposing exterior sidewalls of the unit, instead of one motor positioned beneath the screening chamber.

American Water observes ‘National Drinking Water Week’

Water/Waste Processing eNews: May 8, 2012
Flowmeter Solves Tight Installation Challenge
Municipal water systems present a challenging operating environment in which the accurate and reliable measurement of liquid flow is essential for cost-effective plant and system operation. In order for such systems to run as economically as possible, accurate flow measurement is necessary to ensure that limited water resources are processed efficiently.
Uranium Removal Process
Water Remediation Technology’s Z-92® process removes uranium by passing contaminated water through a fluidized bed of their proprietary Z-92® adsorptive media in treatment columns without adding chemicals, generating liquid waste, or wasting water.
Level and Pressure Measurement Instrumentation
Keller is a leading manufacturer of level and pressure measurement instrumentation. Many products include guaranteed lightning protection and short, three-day lead times at no additional cost.



Deadline: May 15

For more information and to register, click here.

Send a group to the Pump Guy Seminar and save $295 on each registration after the first.

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If you have questions about this training, contact Matt Migliore at Matt@GrandViewMedia.com or 610.828.1711.

A Message From the Pump Guy: “A pipe wrench is a mechanical tool. A screwdriver is also a mechanical tool. The mechanic must know the difference, and he must know when and where to apply each tool. For a successful dinner party, the host or hostess must understand when and where to use a steak knife and a serving spoon.”Likewise, pump curves and system curves are important tools for the engineers and technicians to resolve pump problems. These tools are as important to pump reliability as vibration analysis or laser alignment. You will graduate from the Pump Guy Seminar with a complete understanding of pump performance curves and dynamic system curves.

“As you incorporate the curves into your reliability program, you’ll watch the unplanned pump maintenance disappear. Your pumps will behave. I guarantee it.”

Attendee Comments:

“For my line of work, this seminar was dead on. It met my needs fully. Best money my company has ever spent for a training course.”

“I thought this seminar was one of the best I’ve attended in my career. Larry gave me the practical tools/steps to analyze a pump system. Now I feel I can go back to my plant and look at a few systems that we seem to be working on too much.”

“Excellent presentation! While I have done system calculations (i.e., ‘pump calculations’) for over 15 years, I can see that what I have been doing has missed the mark in a lot of cases. Thanks to Larry, I now know how to provide a good calculation/analysis of a system that will truly meet its extremes of operating.”

Who is the Pump Guy? The Pump Guy is Larry Bachus, a regular contributor to Flow Control magazine and a world-renowned expert on all things pump-related. Larry has nearly 30 years experience working with industrial pumps and has an interesting and engaging presentation style that really resonates with the folks who attend his trainings. His areas of expertise include diagnosing pump problems and seal failures. He has taught pump and seal improvement courses at major plants and facilities across the globe. Since October of 2007, Larry has been working with Flow Control magazine to present the Pump Guy Seminar throughout the continental United States. For a taste of the sort of knowledge Larry will impart during his training, please read the articles highlighted in the “Cheat Sheets” series to the right.

Key Topics Covered In the
Pump Guy Seminar:
> Head vs. Pressure
> Absolute & Pressure Gauges
> NPSHr vs NPSHa
> Cavitation Causes & Prevention
> The Affinity Laws
> Flow & Head
> Efficiency Formula & Application
> Power Formula & Application
> Pump Classifications
> Suction-Specific Speed
> Pump Curves vs. System Curves
> Shaft Deflection
> Pump Motor Alignment
> Bearings
> Pump Packing
> Mechanical Seals
> Pump Piping
For a full course outline, CLICK HERE.For more info and to register for the Pump Guy Seminar, CLICK HERE.

If you have questions about the Pump Guy Seminar and/or need assistance with the registration process, please contact Matt Migliore at 610.828.1711 or Matt@GrandViewMedia.com.

The Pump Guy Seminar, New Orleans, will be at the same time/location as the Industrial Flow Measurement Seminar, presented by renowned flow measurement expert, David W. Spitzer. For more information on the Industrial Flow Measurement Seminar, CLICK HERE.


Beribadah dengan cara yang benar

Jika hidup tanpa ibadah yang benar ibarat hidup tanpa pondasi, bangunan tanpa pondasi akan roboh dengan ibadah yang benar Insya Allah akan mebuat kita semakin tawadhu dan kokoh kepada Allah


>Berakhlak baik

Ibadah bagus siang malam, tapi selesai sholat mulut kotor, tidak jujur, apalah artinya ibadah, kalau tidak di barengi akhlak baik maka perlu 5S ( Senyum, Salam, Sapa, Sopan & Santun ) Pemimpin adalah TELADAN kalau memimpin dan mengatur diri sendiri tidak mampu bagaimana mungkin kita bias mengatur dan memimpin orang lain, BUKTIKAN!!!!!!!!


>Belajar tiada henti

Akhlak sudah baik, ibadah bagus tapi itu tidak cukup karena masalah akan bertambah, potensi konflik bertambah, kebutuhan semua bertambah, bagaimana mungkin menyikapi segala yang makin ruwet dengan ilmu yang tidak bertambah. Ciri sukses adalah orang-orang yang cinta ilmu dengan belajar. Kesuksesan hari ini tidak berarti besok kita akan meraih sukses lagi tanpa kesiapan diri dan berjuang lebih keras, maka sukses akan sulit dipertahankan!!!!

>Bekerja dengan 5 AS

o Kerja Keras,

o Kerja Cerdas,

o Kerja Kualitas,

o Kerja Tuntas,

o Kerja Ikhlas.

Yang harus menjadi standar ada pada diri kita adalah bekerja optimal dengan pemikiran yang cerdas karena ada yang kerja keras tetapi akal tidak digunakan akibatnya cuma jadi pekerja keras saja.


>Bersahaja dalam hidup

Ada orang yang bekerja keras tetapi sia-sia, karena ditipu oleh keborosan, bermegah-megah, diperdaya, dikutuk oleh orang lain, dan menjadi kedengkian. Kenapa??????karena tidak tidak bersahaja, padahal akibat gemar bersahaja maka kemampuan keuangan kita lebih tinggi diatas kebutuhan sehingga bisa menyimpan uang bersodaqoh, dan berinvestasi, budaya masyarakat kita diharapkan bukan budaya punya barang, tapi budaya berinvestasi akibatnya selalu punya nilai tambah.


>Bantu Sesama

Alat ukur sukses kita setelah bersahaja adalah punya kelebihan untuk memajukan orang-orang yang benar-benar tidak mampu dengan memberi bantuan seperti Sembako, dll. Kesuksesan kita mulai diukur dengan kemampuan membantu orang lain, membuat lapangan kerja sebanyak mungkin, sehingga orang lain lebih maju lagi dengan mempunyai tata nilai yang sama dengan kita. Ibadah yang bagus, akhlak yang bagus, terus berusaha untuk belajar menambah ilmu, bekerja keras dengan saling tolong menolong.


>Bersihkan hati selalu

Mengapa?????Allah tidak menerima amal, kecuali ikhlas jangan merasa ujub, dengan tidak merasa berjasa, dengan tidak merasa paling bisa, dengan tidak merasa paling mulia, tetapi semuanya karena Allah. Alhamdulillah!!!!!!!! Semua ini adalah karunia Allah kita harus merasa beruntung karena dijadikan jalan; Jalan rezeki bagi tetangga, jalan ilmu bagi semua orang, jalan kesuksesan bagi semuanya Allahlah yang memberi. Inilah orang yang akan sukses, karena dia tidak menjadi sombong apalah artinya kita mendapatkan banyak hal kalau kita tidak mendapat ridlo dari Allah karena kesombongan kita. Dengan cara beribadah yang benar, membuat kita semakin tawadhu, kokoh mengadbi kepada Allah, hati tentram….