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Flotek Industries announces chemical supply agreement with Pioneer Natural Resources


Low-Cost Bulk Bag Filler for Food and Dairy Powders
Our economical design incorporates features for USDA Acceptance. All stainless steel “easy clean” construction.  Low-profile design can be used with a pallet scale for gain-in-weight filling. Features include: easy strap height adjustment; dust-tight inflatable liner spout seal; bag liner inflation; integral dust venting; simple operator controls. We also offer: Variable speed powder feeders. Magnets and metal detection. Automatic sampling. Bag densification. Overhead trolley systems. Warehouse pallet handling.
Powder-Solutions Group  877-939-0510

Pacific Klamath Energy utilizes V-Cone flowmeter to solve problem in co-generation plant
Providing accurate and reliable steam flow measurement to the steam host is a very important aspect in generating revenue for a co-generation facility.

Multi-tasking Titrator
JM Science’s Potentiometric Titrator (COM-1700) can run four titrations and stirrers that easily allow end user to do different types of titration including potentiometric, photometric, polarization, and conductometric titrations in parallel.
Low Profile, High Capacity Classifer
A new Vibroscreen® Flo-Thru low profile screener from Kason Corp. classifies bulk material into three fractions at high rates. It employs two screening decks and two unbalanced-weight gyratory motors mounted on opposing exterior sidewalls of the unit, instead of one motor positioned beneath the screening chamber.

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