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American Water observes ‘National Drinking Water Week’

Water/Waste Processing eNews: May 8, 2012
Flowmeter Solves Tight Installation Challenge
Municipal water systems present a challenging operating environment in which the accurate and reliable measurement of liquid flow is essential for cost-effective plant and system operation. In order for such systems to run as economically as possible, accurate flow measurement is necessary to ensure that limited water resources are processed efficiently.
Uranium Removal Process
Water Remediation Technology’s Z-92® process removes uranium by passing contaminated water through a fluidized bed of their proprietary Z-92® adsorptive media in treatment columns without adding chemicals, generating liquid waste, or wasting water.
Level and Pressure Measurement Instrumentation
Keller is a leading manufacturer of level and pressure measurement instrumentation. Many products include guaranteed lightning protection and short, three-day lead times at no additional cost.

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